Fachpack 2019

Stand Fachpack 2019

Come meet us at the Fachpack exhibition in Nürnberg from the 24 to the 26 of September.

A great opportunity for us to present our new products, and to let you discover the advantages of the shrink film.

This exihibtion will be an opportunity to present you our new product, the shrink film gusseted tubing for pallets - LDPE. Enjoy our exclusive offer valide during the exhibition.

Besides meeting our distribution network, we will try to solve your issues.

Thus, we are waiting for you at the booth 4-217 !


Ripack Heat Guns are now shipped in New Tool Bags!
The attention to improvement of our products is a fundamental value for Ripack. After years in several plastic case designs, our standard Ripack heat gun kits will now be offered in a more beneficial carrying bag, more practical and more spacious.

The various pockets and compartments, inside and out facilitate the organization of the packaging tools for in-house or mobile work. Velcro buckles can be utilized to carry an extension for larger projects. Strong, robust materials, including zippers, straps and buckles are employed for many years of service. 浏览
ALL4PACK Trade Show Paris
ALL4PACK trade show will take place in Paris from November 26th to November 29th 2018. Once again, the Ripack team hope to meet you there in order to present our issues and products which ensure security, ergonomics and reliability.

On that occasion, we will present our new Tool bag, which combines practicality and sturdiness. One of the advantages of this bag is the Velcro strap system, which will receive your extensions.   We will be pleased to meet you through discussions and demonstrations. If you want to discover the advantages of shrink wrap, the Ripack team will welcome you on booth 6G125. 浏览
Our partner PAPIER LIEBL GMBH VERPACKUNGEN received us during its open days to launch its new building as part of their new business LIEBL SYSTEMS. It was on October 12, in Regensburg.

It was a good opportunity for us to meet and discuss with our customers, and present our new products. More than 350 visitors made the trip, and participated to a tombola for which we have given wine magnum of Bordeaux. It's always a pleasure to discuss with customers, and to know their opinion. We will continue working on innovation in order to meet your issues. Thanks again to PAPIER LIEBL GMBH VERPACKUNGEN and see you soon! 浏览
Pack Expo trade show Chicago
We thank all the attendees who stop by our booth during Pack Expo Show in Chicago this week.

We are always happy to see that our products successfully reply to your needs and expectations. Satisfaction of customers is our number one priority and we will continue working on innovations to serve you as best as we can. The Ripack's team would like to thank you again and will see you soon on the next trade show! 浏览
Stability of pallets: new regulations
A few months before the obligation for manufacturers to comply with Directive 2014/47 / EU of 3 April 2014 concerning the storage of pallets, RIPACK® wishes to recall the main points.

The standard package transport '40509 EUMOS sets the stability criteria for cargo trucks. These criteria are measurable by tests specified by the standard, including: * The docking of pallet inside a truck must not allow it horizontal movement of a value of more than 5% of its height or 6 cm if the height is less than 1200mm. * The oscillations may not exceed 10% of its height. * The various layers of a pallet could not slip by more than 2% of... 浏览
2015, a year of meetings and improvements for RIPACK®.

Indeed Ripack has exhibited at several trade shows around the world, in Asia, in Europe and the US and therefore we had the great pleasure to exchange views with our professional Ripack partners and to expand our international network. We have also noted with pleasure how high is the interest in our products worldwide, which encouraged us to develop and improve. We finish this year 2015 with this very positive statement. We wish you all a merry... 浏览
In connection with shrink wrap producers, RIPACK® is enjoying innovations in terms of recycling protective films. These films are therefore reintroduced into the production circuit for the manufacture of bin bags or for reincorporation into the manufacture of agricultural shrink wrap.

Distributed worldwide, the RIPACK® brand must be always aware about user's needs and ensure continuously the quality of its products. The range of RIPACK ® accessories allows flexibility for an impressive number of applications. We invite you to visit our website ?RIPACK® SUPPLIES? for more details. The technical specificities of the shrink wrap guarantee optimal protection of your loads against rain, dust, moisture, corrosion, UV, etc. Aware of... 浏览
PACK EXPO Las Vegas from 28th to 30th September 2015
RIPACK welcomes you on booth C5610 on PACK EXPO!
RIPACK presents its solution for loads protection under shrink-wrap. From the packaging of a pallet to the containment of a building, Ripack has the solution to your needs.
RIPACK at PACK EXPO Las Vegas Is Worth the Trip!

As the largest processing and packaging show of the year, PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2015 has all of the solutions you need to achieve your goals. In one trip, you can: See the most advanced solutions Explore technologies Solve problems Learn about industry developments Network with nearly 30,000 colleagues from around the world. We look forward to welcoming you to the United States for PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2015! (Invitations on demand) 浏览

Make sure your loads are tightly maintained and secure your packing station thanks to RIPACK® ACCESSORIES

CALPACK Fast and easy to set up, Calpack enables you to shrink the film under the pallet, for optimal product stability. Calpack can just as easily be used with a pallet trolley or a fork lift truck. The height has been calculated to enable the cover to catch perfectly onto the four corners of the pallet. HOSE REEL WINDER The RIPACK® hose reel winder increases the productivity of your packing station thanks to its wide range of action. This hose... 浏览
Ripack® Series 3000
Famous for its adjustable power which generates significant time saving, its maximal using safety, its total ergonomic and its total reliability the RIPACK® Series 3000 is also polyvalent to shrink large areas of film.

Ripack® Series 3000 RIPACK® Series 3000 offers a choice of 5 extension wands from 0.50 to 2 meters long (suitable for model RIPACK® 2200) and adaptable with a single click.A pivoting arm rest provides increased comfort during use with extension wand. 浏览
RIPACK® MULTICOVER 960 – new option
RIPACK® MULTICOVER 960 – new option
Pallet Covers on demand!
You have constant needs of various pallet covers with variable heights?
You deplore the excess storage that entails?
You use precut covers unsuited?
Ripack has the solution for you - the RIPACK® MULTICOVER 960 and its new option “second roll dispenser”

In fact, Ripack has developed an additional provisions roll holder, for using two coils simultaneously.The benefits of RIPACK® MULTICOVER 960? Non-return eccentric rollers maintain film in position? Adjustable electric weld? Allows welding 1440 mm wide? Equipped with a second roll dispenser? Mobility by rubber casters equipment? Readable length by automatic meter 浏览
The whole of RIPACK team wishes you a beautiful Year 2015!

MANY THANKS to all visitors on our stand RIPACK® at the recent fair SALON DE L’EMBALLAGE from November 17th to 20th in Paris Nord Villepinte, France.

We are really happy that our complete shrinking solutions are so much appreciates by our distributors and users.We really want to thank all our contacts for their positive feedbacks concerning our Heat Shrink Gun RIPACK® Series 3000 on sale since 2 years now.It was designed in a real desire to improve our Shrink Gun's Range and it was a real pleasure to realize that the RIPACK® Series 3000 meets the expectations of many users.Lighter, more powerful... 浏览
RIPACK will exhibit at the EMBALLAGE Packaging Exhibition in Paris from November 17th to 20th, and will present its range of guns and equipment for shrink wrap packaging areas in fixed or mobile stations.
You will be able to try the quick fit extension range suitable with no tool on RIPACK 2200 and RIPACK SERIES 3000.
You will appreciate as first presentation in France, the «arm rest» for a comfortable use during protection of big loads with the model RIPACK SERIES 3000.
More than ever RIPACK demonstrates its leadership in shrink-wrapping equipment and tools, what seduces and convinces more and more followers every year.
The RIPACK team will welcome you on stand 5a L114.

Boat wintering: the Ripack® solution
Summer’s over, and with it leisurely days out on the sea: you need to take your boat in and protect it from the cold. Counterintuitively however, your boat will suffer the most damage while it’s in the dock. This is why good wintering conditions are essential to protect it from the elements and ensure that it stays in good condition. Ripack® guns, used with a good quality shrink-wrap film, are especially recommended to ensure successful wintering for your pleasure-boats and yachts, giving them maximum protection.

Wintering with Ripack: how does it work?Lightweight and ergonomic, the Ripack® gun fires a low-density polyethylene (LDPE) film which shrinks with the heat produced and hugs the shape of your boat. The film provides excellent protection and effective thermal insulation. Your boat will be protected from frost, bad weather and UV rays. What to do before wrapping your boatThere are several tasks to complete before shrink-wrapping your boat. It is... 浏览
RIPACK® at INTERPACK 2014 - Düsseldorf
MANY THANKS to all visitors on our stand RIPACK® at the recent fair INTERPACK 2014 from May 8 to 14 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The biggest European Packaging Exhibition closed its doors. RIPACK® welcomed a very big traffic of visitors at its stand and we take the opportunity to thank them very much, whether they are users, distributors or simply curious about our complete shrink packaging solutions.  Once again, RIPACK has confirmed its status as the leader in the shrink-wrap packaging market that attracts and convinces more and more followers every year. The RIPACK team... 浏览
On-demand pallet covers with Ripack® Multicover 960
Are you consistently in need a wide variety of pallet covers at a range of different heights, and are you sick of having to store all of them? Ripack has the solution: the easy to use Multicover 960 electric heat sealer!

Make your life easier by making your own pallet covers !Every day, you need to send out pallets with a range of different heights. To protect them, you use pre-cut covers, but these are not always exactly the right size, and this produces waste. What's more, they take up a lot of storage space and waste valuable time as your team adjusts them to the right size before dispatch. Why not solve all these problems in one go? Ripack Multicover 960 is... 浏览
在经销商空间的"资料下载"栏中找到最新视频和宣传册。使用Ripack® 2200热缩枪给一个货盘加薄膜罩和热缩包装。使用Ripack® 2200热缩枪,2分钟内给货盘加上薄膜罩和完成热缩包装,效果绝佳,对于较重的物品也是如此。使用Turbopack对一个2.2米的货盘进行热缩包装只需一分钟。Turbopack 适用于在较短时间内以较小的成本实现对较高物品的热缩包装。Ripacover... 浏览